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Doug & Nicki Silton
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Repetitions Volume 1
Repetitions Volume 1

Price: $25.00
This DVD walks you through a series of exercises combining 6-count variations. With practice sessions for both Lindy Hop and West Coast Swing with instruction and then 3 speed levels with music, Doug takes you through all of your basic 6-count basics in a variety of orders, helping the more novice dancer through the repetitions needed in practice to become an accomplished dancer.

On this DVD:
  1. Sugar Push-Left Side Pass
  2. Under Arm Turn - Switch Hands Left Side Pass
  3. 3 Sugar Pushes to Sugar Push Turn to Left Side Pass
  4. 2 Sugar Pushes to two Left Side Passes  to Sugar Push Turn
  5. 3 Sugar Pushes to Right Side Pass
  6. Right Side Pass, Sugar Push-Left Side Pass
  7. Sugar Push-Left Side Pass-Right Side Pass-Under Arm Turn
  8. Sendout-Sugar Push
  9. Sendout Sugar Push Left Side Pass Right Side Pass Under Arm Turn
  10. Social Dances

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